RIDGE MANOR – William Dehayes, who accidently shot and killed Katherine Hoover and her unborn child in 2014 was in court again today on charges of Discharging a Firearm in Public and Using a Firearm While Impaired.

The arraignment took place in Hernando County with Judge Hitzemann presiding. On March 19, 2016, the now 37-year-old William Matthew DeHayes a.k.a. William Savickas, was arrested by the Hernando County Sheriffs office for publicly discharging a gun in Dade City on March 17, 2016.

A neighbor called to report a man was outside, drunk and firing a shotgun into the air. When Hernando County deputies arrived at 4335 Cimarron Way, a visibly intoxicated DeHayes greeted them with a beer in hand.

He told officers he had been ‘in the front yard shooting a shotgun’ and ‘could not keep count’ of how many beers he had because he had been drinking beer and Crown Royal straight from the bottle since about 12 noon. Investigators say he bragged that he knew how to handle firearms and had been shooting guns all his life.

This isn’t DeHayes first incident where he been in trouble for being irresponsible with guns. Almost two years ago William DeHayes, also now going by the name of William Savickas, was showing off recklessly with his guns doing ‘cowboy tricks’ when he shot Katherine Hoover directly in the temple and killed her and her unborn son.

According to the coroner’s report, Hoover and her child ‘s manner of death was deemed a homicide. DeHayes got away with homicide in that accidental shooting, despite the fact that he admitted to being under the influence of multiple prescription narcotics as well as behaving recklessly with the .22 caliber pistol he was showing off with his practiced ‘cowboy style’ gunslinging moves in the presence of 25-year-old Hoover who was five months pregnant.

Hoover’s mother, Donna Bryan, has devoted her life to bringing awareness to the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death.

Lisa Schoneman, A private investigator from Peeler Group weighs in on reopening DeHayes investigation.

The State Attorney’s office never filed charges against DeHayes in the shooting death of Hoover and her son. Bryan is trying to get Governor Rick Scott to order State Attorney Brad King to re-open the investigation. The explanation from the Hernando County Sheriff’s office back then was that “he didn’t appear high.”

During the initial interview DeHayes stated he had taken Methadone, Soma and Loritab in ‘prescribed’ doses. He then went on to say he didn’t know what happened, how the gun got loaded or what made the gun go off. He told detectives that the last time he fired the gun was on the 4th of July. DeHayes said, “somehow” ammunition stayed in the gun.

“He is going to kill someone else,” said Donna Bryan, mother of Katherine Hoover, “This guy has already killed two people – he’s dangerous.”