Just after 1am this morning, Justin Norman and Andrea Swartwood, returned home after a night out at a local bar.

Their room mates, Tiffani Evans and Taylor Evans,  had recently rescued a Bullmastiff. The dog had lived with them for about a week. When the two came in the door the dog started growling at all four of them. Swartwood leaned down to kiss the dog on his face. The dog bit her left cheek.

According to officials, “When Norman and Swartwood returned home, the dog suddenly became aggressive and began growling at all four of the residents.  Taylor Evans told deputies they have only had the dog for “a week or so,” and it had never shown aggression before.”

When Norman tried to get the dog to let go of Swartwood, the dog turned and bit Norman on the hand. 

The friends managed to get the dog corralled in a bedroom and call for help. 

Swartwood was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and then transferred to a trauma center where her injuries could be addressed by a plastic surgeon.

A Hernando County Sheriff’s Animal Enforcement Officer responded to the residence to collect the dog, as the residents were no longer able to care for it.  The dog was delivered to Hernando County Animal Services.

This case is still under investigation.

The dog’s future is uncertain.