Pasco Sheriff’s deputies arrested 27-year old Katelin Litts after she allegedly stabbed another female in the shoulder with a knife after an argument ensued at the VUE Gentleman’s club.

Katelin Litts and Danielle Franco met at the Vue Gentleman’s club where they became engaged in a verbal argument.

In a phone interview Litts explained that she was working at the Vue Gentlemean’s club when Franco came in with her boyfriend. Litts says that the victim became upset and jealous when she was talking to the victim’s ‘man.’

Franco and her boyfriend left the club.

According to investigators, after leaving the club Litts and Franco met again at a 7-11 gas station. Another argument ensued and Litts allegedly pulled a pulled a fixed blade knife from her vehicle.

The arrest report states that Litts stabbed Franco and left an approximate one inch cut.

During the phone interview Litts explained that she worked two jobs and that she was through working in strip clubs because there was nothing but trouble.

Litts is charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon. She was released on $10,000 bond.