Deputies responded to a complaint regarding a suspicious person in a parking lot of the Land O’Lakes detention facility. The area observed was designated for official use only.

68-year old Dennis Libonati had just been released from the Land O’Lakes jail and did not have transportation home. He tried to remedy the situation by entering a restricted area of the jail campus and look for an open vehicle to steal.

Video footage from surveillance cameras showed Libonati, who had just been released from jail, approaching cars and trying to open the doors, gain access to deputy vehicles and steal an ATV. In a post arest interview Libonati admitted to trying to steal a vehicle and ‘hot wire’ the ATV.

Libonati is now back in jail and charged with one count of Grand Theft, one count of Auto Burglary and 26 counts of Attempted Auto Burglary. 

His bond is set at $5000.