Deputies have arrested 42-year old Charles White while behind bars for sending a postcard through the US Postal Service to another inmate asking  him to kill yet another inmate who was allegedly the brother of a man who killed his son.

Some time before June 21, 2019, White sent a postcard to a criminal gang associate by the name of Shaun Yeomans. The postcard had a message asking Yeomans to harm a man by the name of Lionel Florez. White wanted to avenge the death of his son by hurting the brother of a man he claims was responsible says a report from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office.

The report says that during an interview with detectives White admitted to sending the postcard and wanted Florez killed. White also told detectives that if he was housed with Florez he would kill him himself.

White has been charged with attempted first degree murder.

His bond is set at $10,000.


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