(Clearwater) – Last night around 8:20 pm, Clearwater police rushed to the scene at the 1800 block of Douglas Avenue in Clearwater. A 15-month old child was found unresponsive in the family swimming pool.

Family and friends were in the pool area when they entered the house to prepare for dinner. When the group entered the home, a rear sliding glass door leading into the enclosed pool area was inadvertently left open just enough for the toddler to slip through, said witnesses.

The toddler entered the pool area through the sliding glass door and entered the water.

The toddler’s 7-year-old sister, removed her from the water. The toddler was unresponsive, and CPR was started by family members as other family members were calling 911.

The 15-month-old toddler is in critical condition as St. Joseph Children Hospital in Tampa