Embattled crime blogger and Ayo & Iken legal correspondent Floyd Thomas “Tom” Lemons III, the 50-year-old self-proclaimed ‘tenacious, undaunted, controversial journalist who stops at nothing to report breaking news’ is behind bars again following a seven month investigation.

(Cell phone video courtesy Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

Allegedly, after Lemons sold Real News Real Fast, he illegally accessed the new company’s Google Adsense account, where he proceeded to transfer the money from that account into his own personal bank account.

Lemons latest job has been as a legal correspondent for Ayo and Iken law firm. He is best known in the community for his obsession with the movie Nightcrawler and racing around town taking pictures and video of car accident scenes. His obsession became so intense he even leased a Dodge Charger like the one driven in the movie. 

Most of all though, Lemons was known for his conspiracy filled blog posts attacking Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis and the Dawn Center, a local shelter that provides emergency shelter and support services for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Ironically, Lemons has an extensive history of arrests concerning domestic violence incidents surrounding two former wives and a girlfriend as well as a long list of other charges.  

Anger-filled blog posts and videos directed towards leaders in the community who also always happened to be running against or held opposing views to his politically connected friends and supporters were the norm. He would accuse those holding opposing views or questioning his motives of conspiring against him and trying to silence him. His paranoia and zeal seemed to intensify into a pattern often times escalating late at night and on the weekends.  

The constant attacks without proof of wrongdoing on the Sheriff and the Dawn Center, over a period of time, alienated sponsors in the business community causing Lemons to lose all advertising revenue. 

Subsequently, Lemons  sold Real News Real Fast to Kuhl Media Group, owned by State Farm insurance agent Ray Hair and silent partner, Tom Barnett. Barnett is a local business consultant, political campaign manager/strategist and travel agent who managed winning campaigns for Wayne Dukes and Nick Nicholson among others. He is also the consultant who brought the controversial Republic contract to Hernando County.

In an Agreement with the new owners of Real News Real Fast, Tom agreed to stop writing about leaders in the community without the new owners approval. Through posts on social media, Lemons may have inadvertently admitted to breaking the terms of his contract by yet again writing about and attacking the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office without the new owners’ approval and then claimed it was a “hostile takeover” when he was fired for breaching the Agreement.

Floyd Thomas Lemons III

Lemons has been charged with grand theft. His bond is set at $5000.

Lemon’s is expected back in court on August 1, 2019 to answer for two charges of battery and one charge of carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited place surrounding a March arrest at Karma Cafe. See that story below.

We reached out to ask if Mr. Lemon’s would like to respond to the latest allegations of grand theft. We did not hear back from him as of 10:30 pm.

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